Getting into and out of your house quickly and easily is paramount to your independence and safety. EnableTech Home partners with leading manufacturers such as OpenSesame, August, and Chamberlain to get you into and out of your house efficiently. We have the ability to program operation of these devices in several different ways including switch control through iOS or Android devices, voice control, or proximity enabled activation. Our background in assistive technology will ensure these devices work in a way that best fits your enabled life!
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EnableTech Home is a certified installer of some of the leading names in smart homes hubs. We are an installer for both Z-Wave and Zigbee, currently the two leading protocols for professional whole home automation. We know that reliability is of the utmost importance for people with mobility challenges. A smart home component like a door opener or a thermostat isn’t just a convenience for you, it is a necessity that it works when you ask it to. We are trained to implement the solutions you need in your home, and tailor them to the way you need to operate them.
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Whether we are installing a simple WiFi enabled light bulb, or having a licensed electrician install new smart home light switches, EnableTech Home can help create a lighting solution that works for you. We can even set up a “If This, Then That” program so that turning your lights on triggers other components to activate. We are a dealer for popular smart lighting brands such as Leviton and SATCO.
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Smart window shades and blinds can make an immense difference in your comfort and well-being in your home. We work with brands like Lutron and Somfy to create a comfortable environment within your home that you can control with your voice, switch control, or even a power wheelchair drive control! Let us help you find the style and function that matches your home and life.
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We can quickly and easily replace your existing wall unit and replace with a smart thermostat from a respected name like Ecobee. Control your heating and cooling with a simple verbal command, or for people with verbal differences, we can program it to work with an app on your smart phone or tablet. EnableTech Home specializes in making all our smart home components able to be operated however you need!
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Depending on your bed model, we can set up pressure or pneumatic switches to control the elevation and angles of your mattress. EnableTech Home can also provide custom mounts and installation to be able to control your phone or tablet from your bed. The ability to problem solve and create custom solutions is in EnableTech Home’s DNA. Let us enable your best life in your home!
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We are a dealer for the popular line of Ring doorbells and security products. Coupled with an OpenSesame automatic door opener and an August door lock, you can see who is knocking at your door, unlock it and let your visitor in. And all of this with your voice, your phone or tablet, or your PWC drive control.
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Your phone or tablet really becomes the gateway to a lot of the smart home technology that EnableTech Home uses to create solutions for your home and life. What makes EnableTech Home different than other smart home installers is our ability to make your phone or tablet work in a way that meets your needs. We start with your abilities first, then design the smart home automation system that works for you. Call us for a free consultation on how unlocking the universal design characteristics of your phone or tablet can help.
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Our background as an assistive technologist allows us to create custom solutions that work for your life, whether you will operate your devices with your voice, a switch, or a specialty wheelchair drive control. We are experienced in the electronic platforms from all the major manufacturers of power wheelchairs, and can program all the devices we install to be run through a specialty PWC control. Please call us to discuss your needs and goals, and learn how we can help!
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