Grab Bar Installation Mount Vernon

When thinking about grab bar installation in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas, you may automatically think of seniors and the disabled. However, active lifestyles can sometimes lead to injury that calls for surgery, leaving you needing more assistance with daily tasks. If you are temporarily off-balance, consider having grab bars installed in your bathroom or other areas of your home to keep you safe and prevent further injury.

Here at EnableTech Home, we work with many people looking to increase freedom of movement and mobility throughout the home. If you are interested in grab bar installation service, we have technicians ready to assist and help you with the perfect installation so you have the ability to move faster and get back to daily living.

Grab Bars for Seniors

Millions of falls happen every year, with many people falling into this category being over the age of 65. In many situations, these falls could have been avoided if there had been a grab bar in place for stability and security. Putting grab bars in your shower, by tubs and toilets, and in other areas of your home is an excellent way to prevent injury.

Grab Bars for the Injured or disabled

As mentioned, there could be any number of reasons why you may want the added security of a grab bar in specific areas of your home. You or a loved one could have recently become injured or had a surgical procedure that left you unstable. You may also have a disabled loved one in the home that wishes to have a bit more freedom of mobility. Our grab bar installations are perfect to help you have peace of mind and a flawless finish so as to not disrupt the overall aesthetics in any area of your home.

Talk with us at EnableTech Home about all your grab bar installation options in the greater Mount Vernon area. Grab bars come in a vast assortment of colors, materials, and sizes to have the perfect installation to align with your interior and needs. Schedule an assessment with us at (425) 414-8540. 

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