Disability & Accessibility Retrofitting Tracyton

When you need to live life to the fullest, a major piece of that puzzle involves living in a home that works effectively and efficiently. Suppose you or someone you love is a senior, disabled, or physically handicapped. In that case, there are plenty of challenges to overcome within the home. Your home has to fit in with your capabilities to take on everyday tasks like grooming, housekeeping, and cooking. EnableTech Home is here to help with all the disability and accessibility retrofitting needs in Tracyton and surrounding areas, you may have. It is always our goal to ensure our clients are able to meet challenges with a home that is comfortable and accommodating.

Why Choose Accessibility Remodeling?

Whether you have been living in your home for years and wish to age in place, or you recently became disabled or had less mobility, retrofitting your home is crucial. Staying in a home that works efficiently for you is the best way to live a life that is rewarding and comfortable. With accessible remodeling, you get a similar result with traditional renovations, just with more planning and customization to meet your mental and physical needs. Sometimes, these retrofits are referred to as:

  • Disability remodeling
  • Special needs accommodations
  • Aging-in-place remodeling
  • Handicap remodeling
  • Barrier-free remodeling

No matter what changes must be made, it is important to work with the right team for planning and customization. Our staff at EnableTech Home will review your situation, your goals, and what is most important for your physical accessibility needs before any walls get touched. Some questions you may want to ask yourself before your initial meeting with us include the following:

  • Who are you designing for? Example, someone with dementia or alzheimer’s will require different upgrades than seniors or individuals with physical disabilities.
  • What parts of your home need to be remodeled? Common areas include the bathroom, stairs, entryways, and kitchen.
  • Do service animals live in the home?
  • Will there need to be room for nurses, caregivers, or other live-in assistance?

No matter your needs, EnableTech Home is here to assist with all disability and accessibility retrofitting and upgrades in the greater Tracyton area. Give us a call today at (425) 414-8540 for a consultation.


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cory did a fine job all the way around. he went out of his way to make sure everything was going well. he even offered to come back in the spring and spruce up the boards underneath the stair lift. we are very pleased with his work

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