Assistive Technology Installation for disabled & Aging Bangor

Aging is something that is in the cards for all of us, so we should know how to approach this process with grace. Anyone with a disabled loved one in the family already knows how important it is that your living space is well-adapted to make life easier. When we age, we can benefit greatly from assistive technology, and someone with a disability does well with an assistive support plan for care. EnableTech Home is available to discuss all your options for assistive technology installation for disabled and aging individuals in the Bangor area.

What is Assistive Technology?

These installations are geared toward helping individuals live a satisfying, healthy, and independent lifestyle. There are various systems and devices included in this realm, such as accessible mobile phones, memory aids, screen readers, and telecare technology. The more that you know about assistive technology and how it benefits the aging or disabled, the easier it will be to select the best system(s) for your household.

Assistive technology includes any equipment, gadgets, and devices to help bridge gaps when someone is looking to live a fulfilling and independent life. The technology can help people in different ways, including the elderly looking to reduce reliance on others so they can age in place and remain in their homes longer.

The Benefits of Assistive Devices

With the right assistive technology, the disabled and elderly can open up a whole new world of communication, vision, and security within the home. Whether you or a loved one is a stroke survivor, became disabled after a car accident, or simply aging, you can implement the best technology to make everyday life easier.

  • Elderly relatives can benefit from pill dispensers, telehealth systems, and medication reminders.
  • Anyone can benefit from visual and communication aids, virtual assistance, and memory aids.
  • There are also safety and security additions to the home, like automated lighting, smart doorbells, and alarms, or water-overflow devices.

When you want to know more about assistive technology installation for disabled and aging individuals in the Bangor area, we are here to help at EnableTech Home. Give us a call today at (425) 414-8540 to set up an assessment of your home.

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